wright now | june 2013

This perfectly relaxing and sublime shade of green reminds me of the beautiful ocean views from our Aruba vacation a few years ago. Aaaah, to be relaxing in that warm breeze right now!

1  |  In the meantime, though, I'll settle for buying these shorts. I bought a few this winter when they were on sale for much cheaper, but I've found that they are a perfect length for me. Not too short, not too long and the leg width is perfect for hiding that I have birthing hips, as Gordon likes to call them.

2  |  I'm usually a cami and jammie bottoms kind of girl, but this sweet little gown reminded me of the beach. And who says a girl can't change it up and keep 'em guessing every now and then.

3  |  I am looking for a stylist that will get my hair color the right shade.  I want Katie Holmes brown and not the color she's been choosing that eventually changes and brings out all sorts of funky shades of red and orange in my hair. Sigh.

Have a super Tuesday...we'll be at the Dentist today where the girls will charm the hygienists out of as many toothbrushes and treats from the Treasure Box that they can get away with!

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