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thank you pinterest

4.19.2013  at 10:00 AM

I was doing some blog maintenance just now and the number

caught my eye. Even though there are only 13 comments, this post has had 93,508 views since it was first published on December 27, 2010. Say what?

Thank you everyone for your visits, makes me smile!


  1. That is amazing!!!! Of course that prompted me to check my stats ;) and my highest is 21,613 for my Star desktop calendar!
    Thank you indeed Pinterest and congrats to you Monika :P

    1. Loved that project...and I was the first commenter. I think I may even have PInned that project, I'll have to check.

  2. That is an incredible number!!

  3. That's a-mazing!!! I LOVE your blog.... thank you for all your posts!!


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