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11.29.2012  at 5:00 AM

my 52Photos capture

For a girl that didn't drink coffee until a few years ago, I've grown to love, LOVE, LOVE a hot, steaming cup of coffee. More than once a day. I prefer a porcelain mug over a stoneware mug, so when Gordon brought home this new cup, I wasn't sure it was for me. I shouldn't be surprised by it anymore, but he seems to know what I'll like more than I do for myself. I love that. And him. Oh, yeah, and my mug, too.

next week's theme

in my bag

the wrap-up

I had not posted a 52Photo in such a long time, so I e-mailed Lisa just to make sure I was on track. I wasn't. Oddly enough though, I had taken this photo yesterday morning, sharing with my Instagram and Facebook friends my new favorite coffee cup. And here's the Sticky Bun recipe.

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