november gallery sneak peek |

Can you guess what our theme for this month's Gallery at will be?

I'm using goodies from My Mind's Eye and the varied lines of the Indie Chic collection on my layout. It's still a work in progress and I'm having fun laying things down and seeing if it strikes my fancy. Truthfully, I don't usually spend a lot of time on any one layout. If it's not coming together, I just move on. 


  1. I can I can ....;o)
    Love your sneak Monika!
    Love the colors ;-)


  2. I can...the beauty of Fall!
    Gorgeous sneak!

  3. I think I know it :)

    your all time fave Fall

    great sneak, I´ll wait for more

  4. I'm guessing fall, more specifically fall color -- perhaps orange? I love this shot of your driveway. You are so blessed! :) Can't wait to see the whole layout!

  5. I have been admiring your Fall photos on Instagram :) I love the warmth of this page so far.... I have seen a lot of sneaks and I have found one thing in common: Buttons. Would Buttons be the theme of this month? :)

  6. Gorgeous photo and your layout is looking pretty gorgeous too!

  7. I think the theme is leaves! :) All the colors are like the changing leaves in fall.

  8. Hmm... I'm going to have to go with....fall?

  9. Your photo is gorgeous, and I love what you're doing on your layout so far. After looking at all the sneak peeks, I think the theme for November is going to be mists/paints.
    Janice :-)

  10. What about monochromatic layouts? (Love fall!)


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