happy BOO to you

Two out of three layouts, not bad. I just don't know why I didn't photograph the layout I made for Victoria, it's in her album I know. I have told you that often I make the same layout three times didn't I? Well, I do! 

This layout is in Zach's album amongst the tons of others. He's 15 here and not quite hit his growth spurt, he's probably 6"1" now! It's simple, but I love the collection of photos. Especially the smile on Zach's face when he got his iTunes gift card from Oma. Well, and how Victoria is so much more interested in the cool stuff Nana has in her hands. This was the Fairy Godmother's second year gracing the Halloween festivities.

This layout is for our little Princess Isabella. Generally the same photos, but geared more toward her take on the whole dress-up and get candy and gifts genre.

Since these are all older layouts I've shared with you this month, I'll try to get our 2011 Halloween pics scrapped and share those sooner than next Halloween. Mwah hahahahahahaa, now that's funny.

Stop in tomorrow when I'll be sharing some free downloads for your last minute Halloween decorating and treat bag activities!


  1. Monika that is so sweet that you make pages for all your kids! My nearly 13 year olds don't want to dress up this year (oh well, at least I still do, LOL!), although they have chosen a few accessories!

  2. Very cute, Monika! I love the layout. I'm hoping that my niece & nephew take pictures of my great-nieces first Halloween for me this year. Barring that, I'm at a loss, cause Mike won't let me dress up the furbabies! LOL!


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