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This milling wheel has been on our property since we moved into and began renovating Mamaw and Papaw Wright's house 14 years ago. There's really no telling how long it was was here before that and corny as it sounds, I like that. I like old things and I like that there's so much history. What I don't like is that I don't know the stories behind the historical objects we find around us. I need to rectify that.

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  1. OK, so I just went to FLikr and joined this group -- your photos have been just too fun! Question, though. How are the weeks counted? Sun-Sat? Mon-Sun? I'm wondering when round ends and crave starts. Does that make any sense? Also, is there a post somewhere with guidelines? Thanks, Monika!! Can't wait to start! :)

  2. I did crave for this past week? What's the prompt for this next week?
    Kate we start and end on Thursday of each week!


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