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Please excuse my absence from posting 52Photos. I've been taking photos, just not doing such a great job in sharing with you. And now, if you have the patience, let's begin...

my 52Photos capture :: body

Okay, so technically 3 bodies, not body, but I am so counting this one. It is very, very RARE to have a photo with me actually in the photo.  Here, we're in Gatlinburg enjoying an early game of Putt Putt golf before it gets unbearably hot. At this point, these two little bodies still enjoy being with Mommy and DaDa. We're their heroes, their whole life, their security. At some point, these bigger bodies will find other interests and ways to spend their time. So, I'm holding on tightly to these days as they will be gone far too quickly.                                                  - Taken with our point-and-shoot so the quality is not super duper.

my 52Photos capture :: gather

We don't have a beach vacation every year, but when we do, you can be assured that there are going to be hunt and gather sessions {every single day} for shells. Can I just say that the girls', and Zach before them, idea of an acceptable shell is somewhat different than DaDa's, or mine. But memories are made, and captured. 

my 52Photos capture :: light

I always find the light at the beach interesting, I guess because we live in the mountains and don't have wide open, uninteruppted vistas. There's a different quality about the light and I wanted to capture it at different times of the day: this was taken just before 8am. I applied a 'toy camera' filter in Aperture {for Mac} and I like that it enhanced the color of the sky and added more depth to the clouds. This is one of my new favorite landscape shots.

my 52Photos capture :: summer

Generally {but not this year}, when we are lucky enough to go to the beach, we go during the first week in June as a way to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I guess the girls have seen me write in the sand | dirt | snow often enough, that when they saw me writing our traditional "M heart G" in the sand, they followed suit. This is Victoria's rendition and it just made my heart melt. She drew a {heart} to take the place of the "o" in Mommy, but wrote the "o" anyway

my 52Photos capture :: fresh

I love hydrangea's. They are so fresh, light, airy and beautiful. My favorite part of their life cycle is when it begins getting closer to Fall and they turn somewhat green. I trim them from the bush that was once Mamaw Wright's {Gordon's grandmother} and which I have divided several times and place them in vases to dry. They add a nice touch of color from the end of Summer through to late Fall when it's time to change out the seasonal decorations anyway. I also love peonies, as you might remember. And...well, I'll just stop there because...

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  1. that is such a beautiful photo of you and the girls!! looks like you had a great time at the beach :))

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos. so inspirational, monika! :)


  3. Yay!! I have been missing your 52Photo entries, and this batch is great! You look all kinds of fabulous in that first picture! I'm not sure I've ever looked that good while playing mini-golf! : ) And I love the sand message from Victoria!

  4. I've enjoyed your post so much Monika!
    Thank you for sharing...
    (I've been craaaaving the beach for about a week now...argh.....)

  5. I simply HAD to pinterest your early morning sunshine photo! I love your photos.. came here via your Etsy shop.


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