happy birthday

There's something I really like about this layout. Obviously Zach is happy to have a handful of cash and checks, both things that put a smile on a teenagers face like nothing else can.

Next Friday, I'll be watching my oldest baby graduate from Navy Basic Training. I'm sure he'll be a different person. Well, the same, but different. Ready to experience new things, learn new things, become the best person he can be.


  1. Graduating already? Oh, my - that time flew by! And now he will go even further away, right? So happy for Zack and feeling the bittersweet for you.

  2. A fun birthday page. Love the bloomin' onion at Outback. :)

  3. Wow, you are one proud momma, Monika! I love your clean and simple layouts. This one is fantastic.

  4. Yay for Zach!! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! I am glad that you will get to be there for graduation!! Have fun!

  5. Wow! You must be one proud mama! Good Luck!


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