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Today, Elizabeth Dillow and Marie Taylor, sisters and write.click.scrapbook. team members, share with us their last installment of the many ways to share Family Histories.

I especially loved, and teared up while reading the posts Terry made on her daughter's blog. And may I suggest that you take the time to open the download by Amy Sorenson, it's a must read. Both of these links are near the end of the post.

Along with all the other insightful ideas presented this week, today just proved to me that I am so glad that I finally took that step into scrapbooking. It makes me happy that I take the time to gather and tell the stories of  the "everyday" our family lives every day.

A mini-album I made for my Mom {we all just call her Oma now, it's easier that way} is already a treasure. I included a smorgasbord of "Oma" memories to that point and journaled to go along with each photo. 

Our youngest no longer makes her infamous monster faces, our middle is much more sophisticated in her portraiture and the oldest probably wouldn't want to draw a picture of Oma anymore. So, see, a chapter in our family history has been forever captured. 

I'll share a few here:

Kids sure do grown up fast, don't they?


  1. I'm going to print out those posts by Erin's mom and save them in my notebook. Weren't they just something??

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