5 on the 5th | october 2014

5 on the 5th is a monthly photo project where I document 5 extraordinarily ordinary moments of our everyday life. It's the simple things, I believe, that make our lives lovely and wonderful and beautiful. Not that everything that happens in the course of a day are lovely and wonderful and beautiful, but they are things that make each of our lives unique. And I invite you to play along and capture your own wonderful life!


1 | Jack is in the house as a jack 'O lantern. 
     By: Isabella Wright

Isabella wanted to photograph our Jack, so I let her. And she wanted to post it to Instagram, so I let her do that as well. He's been with me since Zach was just a wee one, probably 3 or 4. I remember when I bought our jack-o-lantern at KMart, he was a bit expensive and frivolous for a single Mom, but I bought it anyway. I call this purchase a win, both for the value and the wonderful memories I have after all these years of pulling him out of the storage bin each year.

2 | Baby, it's cold outside. It went from Summer to Fall in the blink of an eye and I'm ready for it! 

3 | While waiting for Miss Kate at the airport, the girls decided to do their Miss America poses out the sunroof. It's sunny and a glorious 67F!

4 | A game of marbles with the most interesting rules I've ever heard of. Miss Kate is getting snuggles from Tip while Smoky surveys the hullabaloo.

5 | Our after dinner entertainment is a scooter show as presented by Victoria. The Razor has been around since Zach received it as a Christmas gift one year {it was THE gift of the season that year} but I don't think any of the three kids have enjoyed the Razor as much as Victoria has. And she's a little speed demon on this thing, swooshing and weaving like a pro!

If you're new to the blog and want to know more about 5 on the 5th, read this blog post.

all photos made using my iPhone 5s

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  1. This is a fabulous idea - the little things that make up what seem to be ordinary days being what makes life lovely, not just the big exciting things that happen just once in a while!


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