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So many good crafts catch my eye and make me pause. And think. And wonder. And think that it would be something I'd like to try myself. Of course I PIN them, but seldom actually find the time to make the crafts. Yeah, I keep telling myself that's going to change, so I had better start listening to that little voice in my head, right?

When I find the time.

On My Crafty To Do List

Really like this one. I have several random canvases I could use, and some packs of Rub Ons {remember these Rub On projects?} that I could use instead of the gold pen. But wait, I think I have a gold paint pen, too.

Oh, and this project is so adorable! I definitely think this one needs to be made assembly line style for the upcoming holiday gift giving season. And goodness knows, I have plenty of pretty paper to make them with!

We have tons of crayons. Tons. TONS. And since I always joke that I think the rocks in our yard make babies while we're sleeping, this one is a Christmas Break must do. We could even try to make place cards with this idea, what do you think?

I've been wanting to make these with the girls for some time, but never get around to it. Maybe we could make mini Christmas ornaments with some twigs, instead of popsicle sticks {even though we have a hefty supply of those, too} and use them for package toppers as well. We'll craft ours with baker's twine from The Twinery.

The girls had a "ball" making a holiday wreath a few years ago, but this one is pretty cute, too.  To help speed up the process, I'm thinking a few of those fun twig balls would be fun to add in as well...one can never have too many holiday wreaths.

The great thing is that all of my craft to do list items are projects that I could easily do with the girls, now that they're older. Here's a sneak peak of a project we made over Fall Break, blog post coming soon!

Care to share what's on your crafty to do list?

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  1. i am sure crafting with the wright girls is so much fun ;)
    you are so right, there is no such thing as too many holiday wreaths. i love the ball ornament wreath girls made and the yarn ball one is super cute too.

    1. We do have lots of fun, that's for sure! The girls are always asking what the next craft project will be.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree, and can't wait to actually give them all a go, Dawn!

  3. Grafting with these cute girls must be great fun!
    The ball wreath is adorable!

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