wright now

From right now to Wright Now.  It's just a little bit messy in our home as we make the move out to the sunroom. I might even get all fancy schmancy and call the new space my studio instead of the craft room. But, my Sweetie will probably still let slip and call it my sCrap room, if you get my drift, every now and then. All in all, he's very supportive of my paper addiction now that it has turned from a hobby-type activity into a full-blown work-from-home gig.

1  | organization and function...come to Mama!

2  |  these will work nicely to help me organize my goodies.

3  |  and these, too.

4  |  two desks? check!

5  |  and a comfy seat for my tushy.

Talked with Zach a few days ago and he's trying to plan a trip home for 4 or 5 days. He'll be taking his bed and mattress back with him and who knows what else. You might remember that we relocated his bed out to the sunroom when I took over his room and now, poor guy, his Mama's moving him out of the sunroom, too. No worries, we have plenty of room for him when he comes for a visit!


  1. Oh my goodness gracious! I love your style....I would never leave your sun room. :)
    That's too funny about Zach's room....poor guy! ;)

  2. love. love. love!
    you may be my newest inspiration.
    we are getting ready to take over the very unused living room for my studio.
    and yes, it is my studio. i just think it makes me feel special to call it such.
    and when i grow up i want it to be a full time work at home gig just like you!!
    keep showing us your fun!

  3. Lucky girl and poor Zachary :) but for his Mom he make everything real.
    It must be good to have so much space to choose and I hope that I can do it in future too. So let us show the new pics of your working area.

  4. I have that bookcase and it's amazing how many craft books, and other essentials it holds. :)

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