5 on the 5th | january 2013

This may be just too much sharing for you, but once I realized it was time for 5 on the 5th, I didn't have a plan. So what does a busy Mommy do...walk around the house looking for photos to quickly snap. Going with the totally random theme...wait for it...here it is...where we sleep.

1 | don't let those gorgeous blue eyes fool you. he most definitely does not make his now almost too small kitty condo his bed of choice. he does enjoy spending time with me, but more than likely, you'll find him snuggled on the furry blanket that rests atop our ottoman that sits just outside my Studio. or because he's kinda sneaky...he likes to hop onto the girls' beds and take naps there. he thinks he's all cool and stuff  and slithers down the hall like he was just out for a stroll when he hears my footsteps going up the stairways to their rooms. yeah, and occasionally he thinks he'll try out our Tempur-Pedic which is a huge  no-no. oh, and he thinks we don't know that his favorite night time spot is nestled at Isabella's feet on her pink blanket. 

2 | aaaaah. our little oasis. we've had the same bedding for probably five years...now sporting the winter look of down duvet with our silk coverlet at the foot of the bed...and we still love it. it was a splurge, but oh so worth it. and yes, it looks like this every.single.day. i cannot climb back into an unmade bed. probably comes from having a tidy German mother and military dad.

3 | once the nursery, then Isabella's room and now the cutest darn Spunkster ever resides in this somewhat always messy kingdom. she hides stuff under her bed, under the dresser, in her drawers...anywhere she can find other than where it belongs. she has the smallest bedroom in the house, but spends the most time in her room of all of us. plans are to get a trundle bed, but just can't seem to find the perfect one. she reaaallllly wants a trundle bed so that she can be just like her american girl dolls.  yes, she sleeps with all of those sleep buddies. and she makes her own bed. it's not perfect, but i dare not touch it up. she asked me one day if i had fixed up her bed. she did not like that mommy felt the need to perfect her hard work. so , from that day forward i have not spiffed up her bed, or Isabella's bed either. i'm sure Zach wishes his Mommy had been that "loose" with him when he was their age.

this was once Papa's room, we have the privilege of calling his parents' home our home now. 

4 | princess land if there ever was. pink is everywhere. she loves pink. pink is everywhere in her closet, too. actually, she would like a lighter shade of pink and asks DaDa quite often to change the wall color to LIGHT pink. not one to hide things as often as her sister, she does like her sleep buddies as well. she actually snuggles with them where Victoria just sleeps beside hers. having moved into what was once Zach's room when Victoria was born {he moved into the bachelor suite Gordon built for him in the basement}, she has the bedroom suite that belonged to Nana's mother. i see signs of a girl growing up, there's lip gloss on her vanity and she thinks she's quite the little miss when she gets to wear it. now I know why they say, "don't blink."

5 | craziness from the little girl and cat cuddles from the big girl. 

all photos made using my iPhone with the Instagram app and edited with the Earlybird filter

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  1. Oh! I love U all!! Wish Zach sent his. With 2 x 25 year olds I know how that would look. Maybe you did a better job. Anyway, as long as they have good memories, everything will be fine. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I always love to see your 5 on the 5th. I didn't have a German mom or a military dad but I too do not like to climb into an unmade bed.

  3. That's not crazy - it's cool! Definitely memories worth preserving. I like my bed made almost as soon as I get out of it too!


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