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I'm not such a lovey dovey kinda girl. Yes, I love a good chick flick. And chick lit, among other types of novels. And a greeting card with just the right message. But, not sappy, syrupy messages. 

When I see the Sold Orders page in my Etsy shop stats, it appears that so many people have already begun searching for just the right Valentine's Day cards and gifts for their family members. Here's what's trending right now over in the shop and as you'll see...they're sweet, but not too syrupy. 

for him & for her

1  |  52 Things I Love About You - inspired by the popular 10 Things I Love About You mini book and created as a customer request. How about ordering now and from Valentine's Day this year until Valentine's Day next year, record one special "thing" that tells them how much they mean to you. 

2  |  Originally a gift I made for Gordon, the Alphabet of Our Love mini book is popular not only in the shop but on Pinterest as well.

3  |  Simple. Modern. Perfect for him or an Anniversary card, on your wedding day, just's 10 Things I Love About You. Also great for a 10-Year anniversary gift!

for mom & for dad

4  |  10 Things We Love About Dad, which can be customized to include your Dad's or Grandfather's special name is also great to gift for Father's Day.

5  |  What do you get them? How about an art print that can be customized, for no extra charge, with their wedding date! So Happy you'll have that song stuck in your head all day.

6  |  And for the Mommy's that remember every special day and make us feel special and loved and cherished and spoil us even when we're 48 years old, there's a 10 Things We Love About Mom, which can also be customized with her special name.

Here's hoping we all find the perfect way to tell them I Love You.

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