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For the past several years, I have been keeping a Gratitude Journal. Several of my journals have been making the rounds on Pinterest, but if you're unfamiliar with what a Gratitude Journal is, it's very simple. I construct a mini book made from my pretty paper scraps adding in journaling spots and other interesting bits of paper items.
Then, each day I record a short sentence about something in my day that made me smile or reminded me of the blessings in my life. Granted, there are also days when it is difficult to see goodness because I am frustrated, so I have also recorded those thoughts as well. And if I skip a day or two, that's okay. 
Know this, you will be doubly blessed when you read over your grateful thoughts at a later date. I have looked back over my journal from this year and I recorded thoughts that I had forgotten about until I reread them. That alone is worth the few moments I take to slow down and think about what made me smile that day.

Now for the Details
Make plans to raid your paper stash and begin creating your journal today!

Here are some photos to inspire you to create. This is my first page, to the left is the inside front cover. I've added in a mini shipping tag where I'll more than likely add the year as I now have several Gratitude Journals in my collection. Don't forget all the brads and 6x6 pads in your collection...all perfect for a mini book!

Let's Get Stamping

Journaling Prompts
Feel like you might be at a loss for what to write? Search through your journaling spots and embellishments for phrases, quotes and sayings that catch your eye. Add those directly to your pretty papers and be ready to journal at a moment's notice.

Create Your Own Journaling Spots
All the off cuts from trimming the papers to size are great to use for journaling spots. I've trimmed mine into little banner strips. I've even utilized my decorative tape, making some raw chipboard and graph paper part of the design process. You'll also want to grab several handfuls of journaling cards, tags and other items that can be adhered to those pages that have an overall design that complicate journaling directly on your patterned paper. 

Embellish an envelope flap and tuck your more private thoughts inside.

Even create your own embellished pages using decorative washi tape!

Multi Task Your Paper

Make it Count
This type of journal can be anything you want it to be. Daily thoughts or just deciding to journal when you feel the need to...or even use it as an art journal. Once you have your foundation, fun awaits you. 

I happen to adore this quote and it seemed the perfect ending for my back cover. I've already flipped through my Journal several times to just admire all the prettiness and this saying gets me every time.

Speaking of back covers, don't forget to fancy it up a bit as well using scraps or, as I did, more decorative tapes from MME. You could use almost any notebook to record your grateful thoughts, sure, but my reasoning is that with a journal as cute and inspiring as this one, who wouldn't want to sit down and flip through all that gorgeous paper to write?

May 2013 be filled with joyful memories for you!

NOTE  |  First featured on the My Mind's Eye blog, you can find a supply list PDF with tips, ideas and cut and trim info for several of the pages featured here.

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  1. I love your books. I've to stop to check the shop as soon as possible. Girl, you rock!

  2. You are so talented, Monika!! Your journals make me drool!!!

  3. Truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your journal is amazing. I've missed seeing all of your gorgeous creations. Happy New Year!

  5. Gorgeous album my Friend!!
    Enjoy the w-e

  6. Love your patterns.. do u happen to have a printable planner insert for a Franklin Covey planner? I would lov e to have something bright and colorful like you have.

    1. Just do a search for Filofax in the search bar in the sidebar and there may be a printable or two sized for a Personal FF which may fit into your Franklin Covey, Jennifer. Thanks for dropping in.


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