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I'd say we're all the year, new day, new plan, new ideas to keep organized and on track. Surprising to me that I still haven't set up my calendar for this year as I can't decide if I'll buy one or create my own using downloads. Whew, thank goodness my 2012 calendar has the first week of January. 


The popularity of the 365 Things I Am Grateful For Gratitude Journal continues to blow my mind. And I continue to be humbled by the support of all of you and other Etsy customers, too. As each month passes, I'll continue to offer the Journal with one less month in the Journal and therefore the price is reduced with each passing month as well. So....toward the middle of January, I'll be making February-December Gratitude Journals. Make sense? This concept was so well received in 2012, it just seemed to be a good idea to continue through 2013.

                 Gratitude Journal Notebook Diary           365 Things Gratitude Journal

You have the choice of beginning the notebook journal with any month, it doesn't have to begin in January. Plans are to have a Pregnancy Journal notebook soon...just have to find the perfect paper for the covers.


I began this project back in 2011 and began offering the month-in-review mini albums for sale in the shop in 2011. This post explains my month-in-review process and how I keep track of our monthly activities. There are a few months I need to photograph and upload to the blog to have a complete record here as well and I'll do that soon.

What I love about this project, is that I use it to record the little details. I haven't been so good about making layouts this year, other than assignments for Design Teams as I much prefer mini albums, so this organizer has been great to jot down memories that would have soon been forgotten. Plus, the size is so manageable and not at all bulky. I foresee me doing this for a long time and to eventually have a really wonderful collection of everyday moments from many, many years.


  1. I'm starting a month-in-review type album, only mine is going to be 12x12 because I'm not that great at these and want to improve.

    1. So great that you're embracing something you want to work on and a new project at the same it. I hope you'll share so we can all see!

  2. i love them all...i truly do ;-)
    i hope this year is a fantastic one for you Monika!


  3. Oh! I love that month-in-review album! So cute!

  4. You make the cutest journals ever!! May your shop just keep flourishing!

  5. I love ur calendars. I'll start to use my -month in review- this year.


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