1. Love that picture, great word to chose as well

  2. Yay! My very favorite word! I hope your 2011 is filled with JOY! I am taking Ali's OLW class this year, but still deciding between two words. I'm giving myself until tonight to commit. : )

  3. Hello Monika
    What a great word for a new year!
    I'd like to wish you a Happy new year for you and your family and also to thank you for all the little treasures you shared with us during december!
    I think I will try to follow you and Lisa in your 52photos in 52 weeks project... and I'm certain it's gonna be cool and difficult in the same time! good challenge ;)

  4. I love that word! Hmm I think I just may have to come up with a word, I think maybe patience????? I hope 2011 is filled with JOY!

  5. Cool shot. I love the colors.

    Thank you for linking up :)


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