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I don't do resolutions. Something about the word just sets me up for failure from the second I utter the word. Instead I like the word goals. When I hear that word, it fills me with a sense of fulfillment, competition, achievement and puts a fire under me making me feel as if I CAN DO IT!

I've only been blogging since June 2010 so this is what I hope will be the first of many annual blog goal roundups I share with you..

    • post at least monthly updates on how I've added to my Gratitude Journal: my plan was to add memorabilia and photos and maybe even treat some pages as mini-album pages with a few embellishments
    • continue creating free downloads for your personal use: quarterly subway art calendars, journaling prompts, seasonal all-in-one notecards, seasonal postcard templates and more!
    • update you on projects i am partcipating in like this free class and this one: you can visit the Participate with Me section in my sidebar to see what I'll be doing this year
    • share at least one project i created in my art journal {via Julie Balzer} each month
    • incorporate my one little word for 2011 into at least one craft project per month: i am taking the class taught by Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes if you'd like to check it out
    • share the themes, my photos and links to the Flickr gallery of the new 52Photos project Lisa and I are collaborating on
    • do more layouts and share them here: i get caught up in projects that i forget to sit down and actually do a scrapbook page
    • be inspired by my Tumblr and actually create at least one project from there, posting here on the blog each month
    • complete at least one Christmas craft each month and share it with you so that I'll be prepared, and ahead, of the craziness that is November and December
    • share the layouts and projects I create for my design team
    • keep you updated on new e-Books from Ella Publishing and share the projects I create for the design team
    • continue using that super cool and very luscious baker's twine from The Twinery on projects and layouts and keep you updated on the awesome projects posted by other members of the design team at The Twinery blog
    • Sunday Photos will continue each week

I am always open to suggestions and ideas and topics you would like for me to feature. You can leave your thoughts as a comment, or you can contact me. Thanks, as always, for reading and for always making me feel like what I create is interesting to you.


  1. I'm so very excited to be joining you in almost every aspect of your list! Here's to a BRILLIANT 2011 :)

  2. I am the same with resolutions - my hubby asked me what mine were and I said I didn't make any...but now I have to sit down and set some concrete goals for the year...something I've never really stuck to. Thanks for sharing yours!

  3. I am totally with you when it comes to making resolutions! Love all your goals and I will be crossing my fingers for ya! Thanks for the inspiration to do my own Gratitude Journal :)

  4. Although I knew (know, since you've just reminded us) that you've only been blogging since June 2010, I am amazed today. As I've read your posts since the summer mini, I have always been impressed by how comfortable and confident you come across. It seems as if you were born blogging.

  5. @nancy jane...thanks for saying that. it's tough to put yourself out there and not know how people are going to take you. so thanks for the vote of confidence and your kind words!

  6. Just wanted to say HI! I am taking the Art Journal Challenge, too and I am trying to "meet" each blogger!!

    Enjoy your day:)


  7. Love your list of goals and am eagerly anticipating your next round of subway art calendars. :)
    Loved the first quarter!

  8. great list Monika - looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  9. What GREAT goals... can't wait to visit your blog on a regular basis!!!

  10. A great list of goals Monika! I was surprised to read you've only been blogging since June 2010 as I thought you had been blogging for ages!! You're a natural. :D Keep up the good work and good luck with keeping up all those goals!

  11. I love your blog and find it inspiring! I always feel like creating something after I read it! I especially like your subway art and have tried completing some of my own. I am you use Photoshop to create them or some other program?
    Thank you!

  12. Amy...I use a word processing program called Pages for my Subway Art. So glad you are inspired, makes me smile!

  13. I think I have been reading along pretty much since you started blogging and I love everything you share with us.
    From your 2011 list I am particularly looking forward to the Christmas project each month, I can really do with some inspiration not to leave everything until the panic of December!!

  14. I have just come across your blog and have had a great time reading through your posts. I struggled to find my creative self last year but you have inspired me to get off my butt and start making and blogging again. I've just set myself some weekly goals and will be joining you on some of your adventures!

    Thank you, Fay.

  15. I love it when people post their goals - I'm right there with you sista'
    Going to check out some of your links


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