last first day

First off, I wish that I had used a different marker for the written part of the title. It ruins the whole page for me. I might have to "fix" this. One day. But, that's not why I'm highlighting this layout today. The reason is this:

I need to find a way to tell the story I have in my head and translate that all to a layout. I read the journaling I've written here and as I do, I know the back story because I lived it. A handful of other people do too. But reading this as a semi-interested person might, I would think that it lacks depth. It's not that what I've written isn't true. It is. But it's all so very much on the surface type of observations. I want to tell THE STORY, not A story.

Cute title. Cute kid. Nice color combo. But no meat.

Note to self. Forget about making the page look good. Forget about everything else but telling the stories you have in your head and getting them down on paper. Please.

Having said all that, have you signed up for the free class with Karen Grunberg at Big Picture Classes? It starts in February and I'm ready to Embrace Imperfection. Are you?

Pssst, it's one of the projects I have in my Participate section of the sidebar!


  1. I don't know that you want to forget completely about making the page look good! *GASP* Otherwise all your pages would look like newspaper articles. Hmm. There's an idea ;) Cute title. Cute kid. See you over at Embrace Imperfection!

  2. What a great LO....This year is the last first day of school for my daughter too..I think I cried all day after I took her first day of school picture!!! TFS!!

  3. You crack me up Monika!
    i totally get what you're saying and I'd love to know the whole story but your page is great nonetheless ;-)

  4. This is wonderful and looks great, Monika! What's not to love - great letters, beautiful handwriting and a cute kid. It's YOUR story and I love it!!

  5. Very cute kid. Very cute title. Awesome layout. Just wanted to say-Zach will treasure having his Mom's handwriting on that layout someday. :)


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