words to live by?


Live your life with joy. Laugh as often as you can. Love with all your heart.

As I was writing those words to introduce a new print in the shop, which I first debuted to my Facebook friends, I was struck by how much I liked what those words said. I stopped right then and created a companion piece to go along with the first print. 

Therefore, I am now sharing with you not only the 8x10 version {above} that I am displaying in our sunroom, but also the 5x7 versions you see below.

I didn't think the pastels would look all that great in our sunroom since we have bold and bright colors there. I only placed the print there to photograph it, but ended up liking it so well, that I have left the print just where it is. The bonus is that I see it as I exit the dining room and head into the living room, subliminally giving myself a message to "follow the rules."

Words to live by?  Well, JOY is my one little word for 2011...and I'm thinking that this is a bonus project toward meeting my 2011 blog goals. I have a few more projects to finish up in the next few days so that I can share them with you and list them in the shop, too, so I've gotta run and start working!


  1. My comment should be relaying something clever in response to your new print, but in reality, it was your lampshade that stopped my finger from scrolling down. It is fabulous!

  2. this is great Monika!
    and how fun it is that we both wrote a post about ways to make our OLW more present in our daily lives! ;-)


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