using washi tape to achieve a big effect

Last week, I shared how I use items from my scrap bin to decorate pages for my 30 Days of Lists journals. Today, I'd like to share how a simple strip of washi tape can be used in small doses to achieve a big effect.

On the cover of the journal I'll be using, see below, I used washi tape to embellish the white cardstock and to also attach the metal rimmed tag to the card as well. In my opinion, a little bit of washi just makes everything better. 

Here's another example of how a tag, some washi tape and my favorite foam Thickers really helps to pulls together colors and a certain feel for your pages.

I don't have much skinny washi tape, but it is fun. I felt that the black would draw your eye to the title of this list prompt since there is just so much going on between the numbered journaling card on the left and the pattern of the next list under the square title page on the right. 

What do you think?

Layers add another dimension to your page design and washi tape lends a layer without adding any bulk.

I knew my journaling for this prompt would take more than just the front of my Project Life journaling card, so I added a strip of washi tape that allows the reader to flip up the card and continue reading the story on the back. Often times, I don't particularly make a list of the list prompt, rather I use it as a jump start for a more lengthy reflection on the topic.

When I added the gold sparkly washi tape to this page, I held on to the triangular shapes left over from where I cut into the tape to make a pennant banner...

...and added them to the bottom of the page to notate that this was list 14.

What are your favorite ways to use washi tape? Leave a comment below and I'll choose one person to win a set of metal rimmed journaling tags. Sorry, this giveaway is open to US shipping addresses only.

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  1. Washi tape is soooo versatile. I swear. I may not be the best at crafting with it in this manner (though I've a mind to study your blog to try some new things!), but I will admit to using some washi to tape up the minute rice box (the "push here" cardboard bit never stays closed, ha!).
    Though I've got all these tapes, and they are (mostly) gorgeous, I need to get to using them (so I can get more, ha!).

    1. I've found that washi tape does not stick well to slick surfaces, but on matte, flat papers it does beautifully. How do I know this? Well, I tried to tape up the side of a tissue box...with no luck.

      Yes, do use your tapes! Once you begin, you'll want to use them on every project!


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