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Yesterday, Gordon took the day off and we spent it together. Loved it. 

No special plans for us, just a day together while the girls were in school. I adored the Valentine's Day gifts he got for us, but February 15th is a more memorable day in our relationship. I really need to tell that story. One day I will. 

So, it touched my heart that he planned it so that we could be together. 

First, a stop for a quick breakfast at Starbucks, then while I was having a mani | pedi, didn't want to cancel that special treat I booked for myself before I knew he was going to be off from work, he did some errands and picked me up. We headed to the Mall for a return and ended up at American Eagle where we each picked out a few items before grabbing lunch. We had decided to go to Knoxville to look for a hanging pendant over my desk area in the Studio, when he pulled into the Lowe's parking lot. 

Lucky me...he found this beauty and we didn't have to even leave town. Hopefully next week I can get everything organized and ready to share with you and everyone else that has e-mailed me asking me for the reveal. 

Why is that there's always a tornado sized mess while trying to get moved and organized?


  1. Pretty!! I bet your space is awesome. Have a fun week end finishing up!!

  2. Would love to hear the story and see the craft room reveal. Have fun. It already looks great.

  3. I can´t wait to see a tour of your new space!

  4. Oh do tell! I love hear "stories"..especially ones that touch your heart!
    I LOVE this pendant!!! Absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see your reveal. I know it's going to be beautiful. :)

    ps starbucks, mani/pedi and time with your hubby sounds like a PERFECT day!!


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