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If you love lists and journaling, then the #30lists challenge is the perfect way for you to create a little snapshot of your "right now" moments. This will be my 14th challenge to participate in, I'm an Ambassador, and each time I learn a little something new about myself! 

Find out more information and how to register here. 

List One | But First...

But always hugs and kisses.

And to think that I didn't even drink coffee until 4 or 5 years ago. I used one of the "today" free printables I designed for the challenge and some of my favorite of all time Thickers. It will be a sad day when they're all gone.

List Two | I Am Excited For

Don't blink, you might just miss my list. I jotted down a few things in the "label" that was part of the paper design. I'm such a tricky girl!

Yay for cooler temps and sweater weather, it was 40 *last night and it's only getting up to 72* today!

List 3 | Favorite Treats to Have on Hand

Oh gosh, there are so many treats. And even though I used two pages, I could have added more. I'm not generally a snacker, but when I do I go overboard.

Like those sherbet colored label stickers? Find them in sets here and here.

September 2017 Challenge:
Printables and How to Use Them  |  Using Embellishments in Your Mini Album

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