420 lists all about me

I did the math yesterday and figured out that at the end of the September #30lists challenge, I'll have completed 420 lists all about me. But wait, I've completed way more lists that that.

There have been many, many more lists than that. There was...


September 2017
List 6 | Please Don't Ask Me To

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Well, that and eat raisins.

List 7 | My Go To Outfits

 set of 14 file tab die cuts

There are a number of ways I could have added my list to the page: stickers, labels,washi tape or even a journaling card. I pulled out some vellum and a black Sharpie, though, and it lets that super fun yellow yardstick still peek through.

I then trimmed through what was left of a sticker {it was part of the mini album embellishment kit} and used a portion of it on top of the printable on the left side of the page and a portion on the bottom right of the list page.

See how I used a paper doily and some more skinny yellow washi tape that I also added to the bottom left of my list.

List 8 | Books to Reread

I trimmed a journaling card down and the ALWAYS arrow from the free printables I designed for class.

List 9 | New Additions to Our Home

Our new letter board is so much fun and the new Fall pillows I just made out of plaid flannel and wool are scrumptiously soft. I do love me a pillowed up sofa!

List 10 | Ways to Disconnect

set of 20 hang tag labels

I go through stages where I'm highly connected and communicating through Facebook and Instagram and blogging...and then there are times I just step away from it all and unplug.

List 11 | How I Keep Up With the News

Usually I see the news on Facebook or Gordon tells me about what's going on. I shy away from the news sometimes because it all seems so sad, negative and depressing.

List 12 | Ways I Can Encourage Others

List 13 | Hobbies Through the Years

I've had lots of hobbies through the years and I've loved them all. At the moment, I'm really loving crocheting.

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