Easy DIY Kindle Paperwhite Cover Tutorial

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I've been wanting a cover for my Kindle Paperwhite since we bought it nearly a year ago. I'm always tossing it in my purse as I head out the door for school pick up or sport and music practices.  And, for some reason I just didn't make it a priority even though G has been somewhat kindly reminding me that I need to get a cover so I don't scratch it up.

If I knew it was going to be so easy, and cheap, I would have made this eons ago.


    1.  SUPPLIES you'll need:

    • felt sheet
    • hook and loop tape
    • your eReader for sizing
    • cutting mat
    • rotary cutter or scissors
    • sewing machine

    2.  MEASURE | Begin by measuring your reader and leaving a 1/4" seam area all around. For example, my Kindle Paperwhite measures 4.50" x 6.50" so I trimmed my felt sheet to 7.75" x 11.75". 

    It's important that you first "square off" your felt sheet so that all edges are straight. Don't rely on the edges of the felt sheet you purchased to be perfect and straight as it is. You can see what I mean by that in the photo below. If I had not trimmed to make straight edges, my cover would have been wonky.

    3.  MAKING THE ENVELOPE | Now that you've straightened your edges and trimmed your felt sheet to size for your particular eReader, it's time to make the envelope for it. Fold your felt over on the long side to make a pocket that is 4.75" in width. I pinned it to keep it square and in place, but you don't have to.

    4.  LET'S SEW | Now we're ready to put it all together. You'll want to sew as close to the edge of the felt sheet as possible. I even moved my needle position as far to the right as my sewing machine allowed. Don't forget to backstitch to reinforce your seams. 

    5.  KEEP IT SAFE | Because I'll be tossing this into my purse several times a week, I though it might be a good idea to add a closure.

    I used some self adhesive hook and loop tape {Velcro} that I had in my sewing stash. But, on second thought, next time I might try some tiny magnets instead. This thinner felt sheet stretches a bit if I pull to vigorously. Of course, if you're using premium felt instead of a thinner craft felt like I'm using, the Velcro would be fine. 


    Now, doesn't that feel good? You've just created the easiest DIY Kindle Case Cover ever. Supah-stah!
    Aaaaaand, it cost you less than a dollar.
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    Go ahead, admit it...you're going to want to make tons of these for friends and family. 

    If you have a larger item like an iPad that you'd like to make a cover for, instead of using just one felt sheet to make an envelope, use two and then sew around three edges to make a pocket. If so, I would suggest using premium felt or doubling up and use two sheets of felt for stability and protection.

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