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Gift cards are a common gift idea for coaches and teachers, at least in our community, and then how do you present them? We recently attended the Basketball Banquet for Isabella's school team, and with all our collected funds, we elected to purchase gift cards for the four coaches. 

Simple Gift Card Envelope |

One Mom took the task of purchasing the gift cards and I volunteered for the packaging duties. A gift bag is too big and, in my opinion, kind of makes the gift card look puny. Hmmm.

With envelope, shipping tag, washi tape, a thank you stamp and ink, and my favorite baker's twine laid out, I got to crafting. I don't think the four envelopes took me longer than 5 minutes to make and I find it to be the perfect combination of practicality with a little cuteness, even for the male coaches who don't have to walk out with a tissue paper and bow explosion gift bag in their hands!

And the bonus was that for all us crafty peeps, it won't cost a thing, because we already have all of the supplies on hand. 

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