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Around here, we've been doing some home improvement projects. If you knew us in real life, that would not seem at all out of the ordinary. We always have a project or two going on, or in the plans. 

We're that kind of family.

We began our life together strolling the aisles of home improvement stores as we began preparing our home {it's Gordon's grandparent's home, where Papa grew up} to live in as a family with Zach six months before we married. Almost 16 years later, and many renovation projects later, we still stroll the aisles together. And instead of little man Zach tagging along, we now have the girls with us.

And even though it seemed that Zach did not enjoy these trips, or even the whole home improvement life his Mommy and Dad enjoyed, he is his own mini-Gordon and creates furniture for his home and for the business he works for. 
Photo Credit: Isabella Wright

A lot of things going on here. 
1. Isabella asked to get a photo of our feet. 
2. I smiled because she asked for that photo. 
3. Gordon is rolling his eyes because she asked for the photo. 
4. He's smiling while grumbling about said photo but concedes to standing still for the photo. 
5. Victoria is cheerfully going along with Isabella's request. 
6. And this all in an aisle in the middle of Lowe's...that's a DaDa's love for his girl!

Choosing her favorite color to paint an accent wall in her room. In case you can't tell, it's boo, her baby word for blue.

Thinking that color-coded drinking cups might help the explosion of drinking glasses in the dishwasher that occurs every Spring and Summer. Can you guess which color belongs to each of us?

Checking on the progress of his Travelall. He says it's looking good. We say we're happy he's happy.


  1. a belated happy easter. i love the glasses and the foot photo. my amy is always taking pics of someones feet - horses, cows, donkeys.....

  2. Blue is Spunkys, Pink is Isabella, You're the yellow, and G is red!!

    1. Well, close. The yellow is actually a lime green, which is Gordon's, and mine is the red. G actually picked his color first and we were left to fight for the rest!


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