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Last night, Isabella and I spent a lovely evening together in preparation for the Academic Olympics. We first had dinner at Olive Garden, her choice, and had fun conversations that weren't interrupted. Just us.  That doesn't happen very often, I can't remember the last time I had only one of my children one-on-one. I definitely need to make this a priority.

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Isabella said that she felt like a tourist because we were taking pictures outside the restaurant.

Academic Olympics is a county-wide gathering of students that excel academically. There are sessions at the elementary, middle schools and high school levels in Language Arts | Reading and Math and then from 5th grade on, Science and Social Studies are added. The tests are two grade levels above the students' current grade level and generally there are 100 questions to complete in one hour.  

Tough stuff, very stressful and another life lesson to be taught when they don't place for a medal. Isabella so wanted to be a winner this year. When I texted that to Zach, after he checked in last night to see how his Sis did, he texted back, "She is a winner." 

They're all winners, even if they are mine.

I have no idea what the criteria for being chosen is, but each of our children have attended the Academic Olympics at one time or another. Victoria went last year in Math and Zach went many times in his school career.

Here's our school's fantastic 5th grade team of scholastic superstars, we all think they're kind of special!

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On a side note, we're very proud to say that the girls both brought home Straight A's on their report cards a few days ago. Isabella earned 5 scores of 98 and Victoria received a 98, 96 and 94. They want to go to Joe's Crab Shack for their reward for jobs well done. 


  1. Awww well done to the girls! As a teacher it is lovely to hear people be so positive about education:)

  2. What you put in - you get out!!! For the children as well as for U. I'm proud and smiling on your behalf. So glad they make you proud but most of you for you having the joy to see them develop in their own ways.

  3. So happy or Isabella! And what a sweet big brother Zack is

  4. Yay for Isabella; she is so awesome!!! I agree, one on one time with a kid is rare but oh so special!!!


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