thoughts while gardening

Thoughts while gardening yesterday.
Not to be confused with thoughts ON gardening. I'm no pro.

How could this many weeds have grown over the Winter?
Go away Scout.
Who's idea was it to have this much monkey grass?
It's warmer out here than I thought it was.
I'm glad Papa mowed the grass for us yesterday.
I wish Zach were here to haul the weeds down to the field for me.
You just think you want to be an outside cat.
{As Smoky watches me from the window.}
Oh, good. The Lilies of the Valley came back this year.
Scout is a lucky boy that my Peonies came back after he chewed them to the ground last year.
I hope that was a frog and not a snake that slithered against my ankle.
I hate weeds.
I need to exercise.
Can't wait to take a shower.
I'm beginning to think less is more.
Is that a blister on my thumb.
What should we get Bella for her birthday?
I hope Scout doesn't climb up on the table and pull down our tomato plants.
Does Victoria have a bathing suit that still fits for Bella's party?
Need to make a grocery list.
I wonder if James found any records at the flea market?
I'm hungry.
I wish Gordon would trim the branches along the creek.
{Deep Breath}
There's a snake.
Is that a Copperhead?
I better go get a shovel.
{I did.}
RIP Copperhead.
Yeah, I think I'm done for the day.


  1. One copperhead sighting and I would be done. Forever! Neat post.


    1. I was lucky that I saw the snake when I was raking the mulch instead of pulling weeds out of the mulch. Now's the time they start coming out, so we know to be careful when we're outside.

  2. Brave girl. Glad Smokey stayed inside or you would have been sitting at the vet for the rest of the day. My dog was bitten by a snake and looked like a dinosaur for weeks. We both spent days on the vet's floor while he recovered and I cried but in the end both of us survived.

  3. Nothing like a little gardening to clear the thoughts from your mind!! I am glad you got the snake instead of him getting you!!!

  4. I love your thoughts list! I can see this in a mini-album, with different lists for different tasks :) Just sayin'!
    And congrats on dealing with the snake - I hate them! Thankfully there are none in the cold frozen north here in Alberta!

  5. This was a great read, pleasant until the snake showed up!!! Yikes, you actually killed a snake all by yourself! I'm so impressed!!!

    1. I actually asked Gordon if he wanted to go kill it and he said no. So, since it was not a full-grown, scare my socks off snake, I did. Ha, showed him.

  6. Mike is a little scared of snakes. He'd have wacked that snake good with the shovel!! And ew -- copperheads. Creep me out. I am proud of you Monika! But, yeah, I'd've been done for the day (season) too! :)


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