the lesson

Yesterday was a busy day for us, which all came together with the kindness of new friends, split parenting and a late night.

how it went down

+  After school, we picked up a sandwich and dessert for an after-school snack | early dinner at a restaurant in our small town that specializes in authentic Cuban cuisine. Unusual for a mountain town, but oh, so glad they're here!

+  While waiting for our goodies, and in between playing and swinging on the playground, my beauties agreed to a photo. How did I get so lucky to have these munchkins? And I am lucky, because of my issues with infertility. If it were not for the genius and knowledge of special Doctors, these two babies would not be here today.

+  Eat. Bathe. Homework. Leave house to drop Isabella at baseball practice where new friend watches over her until Gordon gets there. Drive to the other end of the county where the Academic Olympics is taking place. Pass Gordon on the highway as he heads to our end of the county to watch the rest of practice and pick up Isabella. Reassure Victoria that it's okay to be a little nervous about taking a test with questions two grades above the work she is currently doing. 

+ Chat with other Mommy's while we wait. Scholars {great to think of our kids like that} return. Wait some more as results are tallied. Cheer on other scholars as they win awards. Be extra happy for scholars from our school that win medals. 

+ Console Victoria for not winning a medal. She was afraid I wasn't proud of her. That upset her more than not winning. Kids just want us to be proud of them, that's all that really matters, at least to our kids. And as her DaDa reminded her, she was chosen from other students in her class to represent the First Grade so that already made her a winner. Not that the rest of the kids that weren't chosen aren't winners, please know that. 

+ Get a late night snack for us and eat in the car while we drive home. Chat a little bit about an upcoming birthday party and the test. Arrive home. Get ready for bed. Fall asleep in 2.5 seconds. Hear the girls snoring loudly as they dream big.

+ Catch up with Gordon on what went on in our time apart and fall asleep, too.

the lesson

What I came away with yesterday evening was the feeling of community and caring at our new school. We've only been there two years and have loved every minute. There was genuine happiness as kids from our school that didn't win congratulated the kids that did win a medal. Pats on the back and hugging. No whining, no grumpiness. Just genuine joy for jobs well done. 

As we walked out to our car, we met up with another student from our school, a 5th grader, and Victoria congratulated him on his win. And he turned to her and gave her some encouraging words. She was so proud to her them. She just beamed rays of happiness.

My lesson? Life is good. Embrace it, soak it in. EnJOY.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT day!! And she is definitely a WINNER!!! :)

  2. Yay for Victoria!! If she is already competing in Academic Olympics in the 1st grade I would say her future looks very bright!! Your life sounds a lot like mine :)

    1. Thankfully, each of the kids has now been to the Academic Olympics. You know how that can be, Miss Party of Eight! Thanks for your well wishes, it made V smile!

  3. Congratulations Victoria! This 3rd grade teacher is proud of you!


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