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Now that I've done this project for over a year, I know that it will be the everyday type of photos that will bring back memories for me. You know, those photos that have you, and others, thinking that you're just a bit bonkers for even wanting to take that particular photo. It's these photos that will make me think and help me to reminisce of those days gone by. 

In a good way.

1  |  through the blinds in Victoria's room, i snap a photo of Gordon driving the girls to school. don't you just know that in the blink of an eye, it will be the girls driving themselves to school and I'll be peeking out this same window as they head up the driveway and out into the world. i'll be holding my breath until they arrive home safely later that afternoon. it's been so long now, i don't even know what it's like to not have one or another of my kids on my mind. even though my big boy is out on his own, i still think of him several times a day, hoping he's happy and safe and content and fulfilled.

NOTE  you may be able to spy yet another antique truck parked at the barn. it's a chevy, his favorite. at this particular moment, two scouts and this truck are under the loving care of mr. fixer-upper himself. a third scout has been almost fully restored, so note that we have more vehicles than we have people who can drive them.

2  |  busted. so don't like when Smoky climbs atop the counter and then surveys the activities of Scout and Tasha. and Isabella, when she heads out the door to feed the animals. the furball does not want to miss any of the action, indoors our out. he's lucky he's as cute as he is.

3  |  while at target, i spied this table runner on sale and knew it would be so lovely with the new dining room chairs i received as a birthday gift from Gordon. he likes to group purchases that might have been made anyway and tag them as "gifts" for birthday, mother's day and christmas. believe me, he's a very giving soul so I'm not complaining...just sayin'. can I say again that I'm still loving our new dining room set up which flows so well out to the new studio | sunroom and just makes me so very happy.

4  |  there were a series of photos as we tried to get Scout to pose with the munchkins in their gym day finest. a few were passable, several were hilarious. some were quite bad. but this one just exudes joy. probably just by looking at this shot, you can feel the momentary chaos and screeches of "he licked me" and "sit, Scout!" and me huffing and puffing to control these three as I pleaded to get a composed photo of these three amigos. might I interject that this snapshot is way better than what I could have hoped for. love this.

5  |  oh gosh. my girls are baseball players. takes me back to the days of Zach playing t-ball just before Gordon and I married and now we have round two to make it through. i don't know if my hormones can take all the growing up these two are doing. perhaps it's because I have the knowledge of how quickly time flies that I get melancholy and weepy knowing that they're mine for such a short time. 

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  1. What a bittersweet post.... :) I LOVE the shot of the car on the driveway with the glowing backlights!!!


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