art show blue ribbon winner

Makes me smile.

Most certainly, the joy and pride Isabella had on her face was so wonderful to see. Last night, when she noticed the blue ribbon next to her piece of art at our County art show, she was so very proud. It was a good Mommy moment. But what made me melt was when Victoria hugged and hugged on Isabella's neck and cried tears of joy because she was so proud of, and happy for, her Sissy. 

If I knew how to upload videos, I would share it just so you could see it for yourself.  

Here's the first place blue ribbon winner, titled Heart Cup.

Yep, she's a winner all right!


  1. Congratulations to Isabella!!! We all know where her artistic flair comes from. Maybe we can get a kids art /craft post from the (w)right girls some time????

    1. Hazel, that's a lovely idea! I think that would be a fun Summertime blog post series, don't you?

  2. Way to go, Isabella! It's beautiful!

  3. Great work. That Girl have the crafty-mojo from her mom. In future time we will see more stuff from her :-)

  4. Awwww that's so cool. Congrats to Isabella! I know you are so proud of your girl!

  5. BRAVO Isabella!
    I have a feeling you're as talented as your Mommy!
    I love your creation. I think it's so balanced, beautiful, interesting and unique!
    Keep it up!!

  6. Yay Isabella!! That is so wonderful! She definitely inherited some of your crafty genes Monika!! Such a sweet story; it made me cry to read about Spunky's reaction. Definitely a proud mommy moment for both of he girls :)


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