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Guest Designer Monika Wright

We are happy to have Monika Wright as Making Memories' guest designer.
Have you ever found yourself searching for your favorite all-time Christmas recipe and then panic when you can’t find it? Worry no more, today we’re going to solve that problem.

Using a Spiral Journaling Book, we’re going to create a fun, quick and useful recipe album. That’s right, you’ll finally have all your festive yummies in one place.

Recipe Album Tutorial
1.  Remove the front page of the journaling book, keeping the clear acrylic sheet in place.
2.  Decide upon a title and using the enclosed stickers in your FaLaLa 12x12 Page Kit adhere your title to the clear acrylic sheet. I used the stickers to spell out yUmMieS.


3.  Using your FaLaLa 12x12 Page Kit again, select a red and green flower. Now punch a small flower from the FaLaLa Sticker Pebbles to add to the top of the red and green paper flower stack we just made before adhering it to your acrylic with one of the enclosed red brads.
4.  Position your patterned paper border punched strip so that it will be used as a tab to open the cover. Attach a Sticker Pebble, I chose the word Festive, to the top of the paper strip. Turn the cover over and attach a Pebble Sticker to hide the brad from the back side.


5.  On the first page of the Spiral Journaling Book build your snowman using your circle punches, product packaging and Sticker Pebbles.


6.  I decided that my recipe pages needed a little more oomph, so I used the Sticker Pebbles as recipe tabs, placing one Pebble on the front of the page and then placing another Pebble of the same size on the opposite side of the pebble.

7.  Gather your favorite festive yummies and copy them into your new recipe album.

I even have a few blank journaling pages remaining that I can use on other layouts or in my 2010 December Daily. I used so many Making Memories products in my 2009 December Daily.
And one other idea...wouldn’t this be a great gift for those June brides? You could collect favorite family recipes and present them in this recipe album as a holiday gift to the new couple. I think they would both appreciate the thoughtfulness, especially if you presented the album with a home-baked goody attached!
I had fun making this recipe album and I hope you’ll have even more fun making yours.


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