december daily 2010

I fully intended to do a December Daily 2010. But, I didn't. There is one major reason and several smaller ones, all stories for another day. Let's just say that my heart was not in the Christmas spirit when it came down to putting it all together. Oh, I did start...I printed my pages {the Ali Edwards' hybrid version}, punched holes, even purchased quite a few items to use specifically for my DD, which is highly unusual for me. I usually shop my stash for 99% of my projects.

About 7 days into December, with not a one photo in the album, I gave myself permission to put it all in a stack for another day, another December, another year. Whew, huge sigh of relief, trust me. All along, though, I had been journaling in this embellished spiral bound notebook, which you might have seen here.

Luckily, up until December 7th, I had journaled about some family traditions, cute things our kiddos have said, our day-to-day routines and what happened that made that day wonderfully normal. And I am happy with the fact that I let go. I'll still have plenty of photos to remember our Christmas season by, they just won't all be in a dedicated album. But I will have a month-long diary of what made our Christmas special to us.

So that I always have a pen handy to record my memories, I attached it to the embellished spiral bound notebook with some Peapod baker's twine from The Twinery and added a wooden bead. I like it. A lot.

Just a little reminder for me and you, that HOW we capture our memories does not matter as much as that we DO capture them. Hey, a mini December Daily...and we all know how much I love mini's!


  1. WAY.TO.GO! I haven't given myself permission yet as I have been on & off taking pictures but not a singld page scrapped, so hopefully New Year's weekend, as we have no plans, it shall begin & end :)

  2. So absolutely, positively, completely right! There is no right or wrong way of memory keeping.

    Big pat on the back!

  3. great post Monika and you got further than i did altho i have taken pics each day LOL i think your idea might be the better tho. tfs.

  4. I compromised and did it online...figuring I can cut and paste and use the same pics eventually in a real journal...if I want to...who knows! Love your blog, thanks!

  5. What a fabulous idea to use the pretty twine to keep track of pens! Your memory book is beautifully decorated. Thanks for the great ideas, Monika!


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