first day of school

They went to bed on time last night, but couldn't get themselves to sleep they were so excited about their first day of school.  

There's a big day ahead for our First Grade and Fourth Grade scholars and I can't wait to hear all about it at 2:45 this afternoon when the Jeep will be filled with shrieks of Mommy this and Mommy that as soon as they get in!

It is very, very quiet here right now. Just in case you're wondering. I miss them.


  1. I hope they both have great first days!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Mine don't start back for another month, but I know it will be eerily quiet when they go back to school.

  3. unbelievable summer vacation is already over for your girls.

  4. They are so precious! Oh my. Best wishes for the coming year - I'm sure they'll do just as well as last year, your wonderful girls!

  5. They are so cute and grown-up! In Vancouver,B.C.,the kids don't go back to school till after Labor Day!
    I'm busy packing for my move.
    Take care,

  6. ah...
    if you need some non-quiet...there is always here.
    happy first day of school!

  7. I hope the girls had a great first day! I'm back in 2 weeks and Rachel in 3 weeks. I need another month off. I'm not ready!!!! LOL

  8. Hope the girls had a great 1st day!! You start school early; we have a week and a half more! Would love to see their 1st day walking into school pics side by side to see their growth. They remind me of my pink and purple/blue girls!

  9. Adporable pictures Monika!
    I know exactly how you must be feeling ;-)
    Hang in there~

  10. Our grandchildren just left today - and I know what you mean about quiet! I hope the year is marvelous for both of them - and that you have lots of chances to be at school with them. ((( HUGS )))


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