365 things i am grateful for gratitude journal

Who knew that when I shared my little 365 Things I Am Grateful For journal that there would be so many people ready to run with the idea of taking a moment out of their day {or night} and record their grateful thoughts? And now I know that many of you out there love this idea as much as I do...the Gratitude Journal gets pinned to Pinterest. A lot. I mean A LOT.

Thank YOU!

There's a whole Gratitude Journals section at I Love It All ready for you to begin your journey of thankfulness and gratitude, mindfulness and being aware of the joys in your life that you don't want to forget.

The Gratitude Journal That Started It All

You'll have a whole year's worth of life moments that matter and made you smile. Memories of the days that you realized just how lucky you are. And blessed.

Compact Gratitude Journals
If you're looking for a Journal with mixed papers, but with less emphasis on days and months, more freestyle, you might find this Gratitude Journal more to your liking...

...or even this one.

Journaler's Gratitude Journal
I bet there are a lot of you that love lined journals as much as I do. Here's an "old school" approach to journaling. You can make it your own by adding washi tape, using watercolors, stickers and journaling cards. The beauty is, you make it your own. Gosh, just write if that's what speaks to you. See all those goodies? They're all included with your purchase.

Notepad Gratitude Journal
I have a teenager. She likes to write and journal, but on her own terms. She doesn't want cute papers. She doesn't want monthly tabs. She just wants lined paper and something low-key. There ya go, sweet teen! 

Travelers Notebook Gratitude Journal
I use more than one Gratitude Journal...and the travelers notebook is perfect for tucking in my purse for on-the-go Gratitude journaling. It's not romantic, but you know all those times you're in a Doctor's waiting room or at sports practices? Yeah, down time. And it's THE perfect time to pull out your Gratitude Journal and take a minute or two to think about your day, your life, your right now and write it down.

Sometimes, I go through my journal and embellish some pages. Everyone is different though and if that's not you, just write. But for me, if a page is embellished, it's eye candy for me and I want to open it and choose the page that will hold my thankful thoughts.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.


  1. When will the Mega journal be in the shop? I want one!!

  2. Do it People! It's such a great thing to consciously be thankful for something every day and to read back over it too.

  3. I really love these. Im looking for ailanthus like these, maybe even mini for a big church activity. How would I find out the price?

  4. I really love these. Im looking for ailanthus like these, maybe even mini for a big church activity. How would I find out the price?

  5. I am in awe of the super sized gratitude journal. Please contact me.

    1. Hi Tosha,

      I don't see an e-mail address attached to your Blogger profile, so I'm unable to contact you. Feel free to e-mail me at monikaawright {at} gmail {dot} com.

  6. Looking forward to the 2013 Super-Sized Gratitude Journal!! (: I'd love to get one!

    1. Click on the yellow envelope button just below the blog header to contact me, Maryam. I do have some Super Sized Journals available!


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