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Just breathe, Monika. Breathe.

You already have one child who has left the nest and is creating his own life and if you blink again, these two girls will be all grown up, too. This barn has always been a favorite destination. As soon as these girls learned to walk we would stroll down the driveway, always checking in on the horses and to see if the kitty cats were being friendly that day, to see what new flowers were blooming or what rocks could be thrown into the creek. 

This Jeep is not their first four-wheeled motorized vehicle. As it is now, they have to nearly fold their legs to get into it and it runs mighty, mighty slow these days with two big girls as opposed to the tiny little girls they once were. I'll be sad when the Jeep is retired. It will be the end of the era of my little girls with the day when they soon will be asking for a real Jeep to drive down the driveway and off to explore the world and create their own lives not so very far off. 


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  1. Oh my...your writing lurks right to the heart.
    And your photography is so perfectly fits the mood.
    Words to ponder today.
    (And on a personal note...my little surprise bundle is two this next week...his life is flying by so fast in the midst of older siblings lives that are full and busy...I shall cease from blinking now.)

    1. We both know that when they are young, we yearn for the day when they can do for themselves and then when they do, we yearn for their "baby-ness" all over again. Aaaah, 2-year olds are the best thing ever!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, Amy, don't even get me started again. When I type up some of my 52Photos posts, I need a tissue to dry my damp eyes.

  3. monika - i got my order from your etsy store just now - i don't know if there's a way to leave feedback there - i'll check in a minute - but everything is wonderful! thank you so much for such quick turnaround and some wonderful product!

    1. Alice...I'm so happy to hear that all your goodies arrived safely and you like everything. I appreciate you and hope that you'll find the time to stop into the shop again soon.

  4. What a beautiful post Monika! I love the story and the photos; definitely a tear jerker and makes me thankful for this moment right now.


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