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Nine years ago today, we met this beautiful baby face for the very first time. Sure, we had seen ultrasound pictures, but how does that prepare you for your first glimpse of your long-awaited for baby? 

Isabella Tipton Wright entered this world early and a little unexpectedly as Zach, Gordon and I were doing some shopping at West Town Mall. I still commend my two men for remaining unbelievably calm and level-headed as we scrambled to find the phone number for our Doctor as we headed to the hospital. You see, my water broke and that's what we were advised to do should that happen. Yes, Zach was in the car with us and I tried so hard not to appear distressed or worried or anxious because I didn't want to Zach to be scared that I wasn't doing well. Or about the whole childbirth thing. He was 11 at the time.

I was of "advanced maternal age" as the high risk OB doctors call 39. Yes, I was 39 for my second child, 41 with Victoria and 28 with Zach, which 20 years ago was quite old to be having a first child. Times change, don't they? 

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  1. Happy Birthday to Isabella. May it be your best year ever! To the rest of you - you did well. Both the girls are super adorable and Zach is handsome. (Didn't think he would like to be called adorable!)

  2. times do change...
    but you are my hero nonetheless...
    having had my first, also at 28,
    and my fifth at 42.

    love this birth story...
    i think it needs a layout to go with.

  3. Happy Birthday to Isabella! I love her glasses.

  4. Happy Birthday Isabella. Enjoy these special day

  5. Such a precious girl! Happy Birthday Isabella!! Hope you are having a great day full of fun!!

  6. Aww happy birthday to Isabella. She's beautiful!


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