fifteen minutes

Last night was the first of four Photography 101 classes I'll be attending at a local camera chain store. Small world, even though the class was in Knoxville and a 45 minute drive for me, Isabella's Dentist and her assistant were also attending.

I left home a little early, since Gordon was home already, because I needed to drop by and get some glue dots and pop dots for shop projects. In the same shopping center was an Old Navy, but I only had fifteen minutes to spare. Hmmmm.

Cha-ching. I tried on these three sweaters, a t-shirt and a jacket {which I might still get if it goes on sale} and still made it to the class on time. I hate when tees and sweaters don't reach the top of my low-rise jeans, which I wear because I can't stand anything around my waist anymore. That all started after I had Victoria.  I'm a tall gal and these sweaters are long, love that! The black and turquoise are the same sweater, just different colors. I often buy the same item in different colors if it's a good fit for me. Who will know? And I don't really care if they do.  Bonus: in store, the pullovers were on sale for $15.00.

See what shopping without kids and a little focus can get you in 15 minutes?


  1. I hear you about the low rise jeans, girl. How tall are you? This is why I love wearing tunics...covers where the low rise does not. And what about those short dresses out there...perfect as long tops for us tall girls.

  2. Just may need to check this out!! I'm tall too & hate short sweaters!

  3. I'm 5'9" and always seem to be in a swarm of petite gals. Being tall is much more appealing now than it was in high school, though. Never thought about those micro mini dresses being used as a top, I'll have to pay more attention to the clearance racks for those. Thanks, Jamie!

  4. I love Old Navy!! Love your new sweaters. :) I have been known to buy the same shirt in different colors! :)


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