5 on the 5th | september 2014

Black + White was the theme this month. It just came to me when I was driving the girls to school and had on a black top with white stripes. Funny enough, as I sit here to type up this post 10 days later, I'm wearing the same top as in the first photo.

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Some months, I have no idea what I'm going to take a photo of. I wonder, "How can I take more photos of our everyday, extraordinarily ordinary lives that will be any different than the other two years' worth of 5 on the 5th photos?" 

But, each month when I do these roundup posts, the photos tell me a story of our lives. Little bits that would have been forgotten if not for the photos that I took the few minutes to take.


1 | A foggy morning greets us as we pull out of the drive and wind out way around the mountain. We don't see sunshine until we hit the straightaway heading into the town where the girls go to school. We are often treated to glorious sunrises, but today we saw a bright, hazy sun already above the mountaintops. Photo courtesy of Victoria

2 | I cannot tell a lie, I love my two cups of coffee in the morning. And it's even better when Mr. wRight is on vacation and we can spend that time alone together talking about everything and nothing.

3 | That's my hottie aka Mr. wRight! Replacing the basement door that's been here since Mamaw and Papaw Wright built this home is something we've needed to do but it's a little bit of history going away. The old door has that cool wavy glass in it. But, they are also single pane glass panels and leaks in cold air. And it's very short, that's why he's knocking a row of block out to make the new door fit, which will match the mud porch door. The door is exceptionally wide, too, and I tell G that he may have to push me through in my wheelchair {since I'm 8 years older than him}.

4 | You know when you order a gift with all intentions of saving it for Christmas? I couldn't resist giving them their Lisa Leonard rings today. After excellent mid-term grades, it was a special treat. The rings are star shapes with a heart in the middle. Perfect.

4 | We had dinner in town with our tired handyman and a stop at The Home Depot. As Isabella and I were leaving, she saw the moon and thought we should take a photo for our 5 on the 5th black and white challenge.

5 | We're like two Grande Cappuccino's in a Chevrolet Suburban cup holder. 

Yes, I know there are two #4's this month. Obviously, I got excited about taking photos that I lost count.

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  1. Hi Monika
    my name is Monica too...
    My project in my blog http://monicamcastro.blogspot.com.br/2014/09/5onthe5th-september-2014.html


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