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Although I've only posted one other 'love it' reflection, I decided that I need to do this more often. And no, I'm not a fan of statistics and really did not love the class when I took it for my college major in Marketing, but I thought the title would get your attention. Did it work?
Welcome to my 800th post! The I Love It All blog has over one million page views and 1300+   followers. Thanks for reading and commenting and pinning...makes me smile! I'm still giddy that you want to sit awhile with me as you drink your morning coffee.

If someone were to have told me that I would have had the number of sales in my Etsy shop that I fulfilled for the month of October, I would have rolled on the floor laughing my not so little tushka off.

Seriously? I guess there really are people out there loving it all and I continue to be humbled by their, and your, support of my little shop. As a thank you, use the coupon code BEHAPPY for a 20% discount on your purchases through Friday, November 2, 2012 at 8pm EST.

There are 75 pounds of paper on the way to my house {aka I Love It All headquarters} so that I can continue cranking out those Gratitude Journals are so very popular. The Supersized Journal I've been working on creating will soon be available, but I'm not sure how many of these I'll be able to stock as they take considerably more time to create than this one. I'll make the announcement when they're ready on Facebook, too. 
Unrelated to this post, but I'm totally going to make it work by saying I love this scarf so very much that when we were at Target to pick up Isabella's prescription for Strep Throat {yes, again} I picked up two more. One will be in Oma's stocking and one will be used to embellish a Christmas gift for Nana. I know that Oma doesn't read my blog, so I feel safe reporting this news, but Nana I'm not so sure about. She has her iPad now and is getting pretty good at getting around on it. {Hi Nana, are you out there?} 

found online and in stores | best $10 I've spent in a long time

And there's still time to enter this giveaway!


  1. Supersized journal? Are you recreating your Dream one?? :)

  2. wow, that sounds wonderful. congrats to your success.

    and that scarf is just so pretty. i love it.

  3. Girl you rock!!!! Am happy to find your blog and shop. Pls continue

  4. I know how amazing you and your work are and I am so glad to hear there are soooo many others that know also!!

  5. So so super happy for you! I really love you and your blog and am so happy to have stumbled across your blog.

    PS: Love the scarf!


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