wright now

1  |  if only they made this in my size...wonder if Victoria will wonder why Mommy was trying to squeeze into her sweater?

2  |  bought this color and the orange-ish color for myself on Black Friday. have i mentioned how much i LOVE turtlenecks? would have definitely bought more, but i already have a black, grey and cream and i don't care at all for that blue. maybe i should count exactly how many i do have now.

3  | wonder if my Bobbi Brown lipstick feels a little snobbish against this lip gloss? i have long hair and every other lip gloss i've tried is sticky and gets "stuck" in my hair. will be ever so sad if they ever stop making this.

4  |  due to Green Mountain Coffee no longer making Kona pods {boo hoo}, I have had to switch. smooooooth. yes, very smooth. we also like this

5  |  been driving Gordon's Tahoe this week as he took my Jeep by the dealership for an oil change and tire rotation. ummm, yeah. nice. though nothing will ever compare to my most favorite ride ever, my dear Suburban that I drove for many years. but we won't get into that as i may start sobbing. but this ride feels pretty darn good.

Did you get it?
Wright Now instead of Right Now? 
Monika Wright.
 Am I a goofball or what? 
Don't answer that.

What are some of your Right Now's?


  1. I totally got it and I thought "Nice new blog feature" ;) I checked the sweater right (or wright) away ha! and it looks like I am not the only woman who can fit in a girls's XL because they are sold out of that size :(

  2. I loved this new feature! Is it going to be a weekly thingy? I did catch the "Wright"! I thought you were pretty clever!hehehe
    I love turtle necks too and the cowl necklines too. I too would love to wear that sweater with the furry collar. :)


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