my best decision. ever.

Christmas Eve 1997.
My Sweetie proposes to me before we were to head over to the Christmas Eve celebration at my parent's home.

at a friend's Christmas Party two weeks before Gordon proposes
he's a little bit country, i'm a little bit not

He had wrapped a candy sized box and left it under the tree Zach and I had decorated in our townhouse. Nosy person that I am {no I did not open the gift and rewrap it as is my tradition} I shook it and heard clanking. I just knew it was brake pads, which my car needed at the time.

Boy, was I wrong. In a good way.

And guess what? I still have the box and occasionally rewrap it and give it to Gordon on Christmas Eve after the kids have gone to bed and it's quiet and it's just the two of us. He likes that.

June 6, 1998.
We become one. We join as a family.

Saying yes was the best decision I've ever made and I tell him this quite often.

Not only did I get Mr. wRight, but Zach was gifted with the best example of a Dad {that's what he calls Gordon} we could have ever asked for. Whether he believes this or not, I don't know. But seeing how Gordon parents Isabella and  Victoria, I see no difference at all in how Gordon treats them and how he treated Zach as he was growing up. And that makes me love him even more. Well, that and a few hundred other things.

June 6, 2012.
We're spending the day together today. He & She. The whole day. I've made a tentative list of 14 things for us to do on our 14th Anniversary, some of which are everyday things, some have special meaning, some are tradition. In case you didn't see my photo on Instagram, here's my Anniversary gift. And no, my gift to him is nowhere as nice as this.

Happy Anniversary to Us! 


  1. Happy Anniversary! We're coming up on ten years in a few days! It would be fun to revisit older photos like you did here! www.paperstarfish,

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    You're gorgeous in the photos:)

  3. Happy anniversary, Monika!! Best wishes for many more. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary to the two of you!
    I raise my glass to many many more ;-))

  5. Happy Anniversary ( a little late..sorry!) Gordon sounds like an awesome hubby / dad. I know he is just as blessed having you for his wife. :)

  6. What a wonderful blog post!!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!


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