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Yesterday was a big day for the Wright girls! It was Oma day and then DaDa met us at the Bike Shop, where Papa's nephew works, so that Isabella and Victoria could be fitted for bicycles. Isabella had simply outgrown her bicycle and it was time for a new one and Victoria was promised a new bike if she could learn to ride without training wheels. Well, she accomplished that feat in just a week, much quicker than we thought it would happen. So in two weeks, Victoria has gone from riding a 12" bike with training wheels to a 20" big girl bike that has 7 speeds and hand brakes. And Isabella went from an 18" bike to a 24" bike with 21 speeds and hand brakes and in just under an hour on the driveway, Isabella is riding with confidence and agility and pride.

These three bike enthusiasts and family members, wearing red, proudly pose with the new pink bikes.

P.S. Don't Papa and his nephew look so much alike!

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  1. Yeah! Congrats girls on a great accomplishment. I love riding my bike.


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