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Even the creatures of the wild watch after their young with a watchful eye, it's just a Mama's nature to do so. Even though I carefully opened our kitchen door, the two Mama turkeys sensed "a disturbance in the force" and quickly began running in the other direction. They did eventually head back toward the house and then Scout {our border collie pup} saw them. He ran the other way, not sure what to think of these creatures. The turkeys seemed to know that he would not bother them, so they continued along the creek bed. I had to watch them through the dining room window, which would have given me a better photograph if I had opened the window, but I didn't want to scare them away again.

We see lots of turkeys here, but I think this is the first time in 14 years that I saw turkey babies that young, which was a treat for all the Wright girls.

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Can you believe it's only 180 days until Christmas?


  1. awesome nature photos!! i never seem to have my camera handy when nature happens out my back door! LOL!

    1. I was really very lucky, too, Mary Pat, as usually they scatter before I can get a good shot. Which, really, this is not a good shot, but seemed to fit our theme so well...a mother's nature!

  2. Before they developed the land behind us, we didn't have a fence -- just the pasture fence. We would get turkey and pheasants through our yard all the time. I was blessed several times to get to see a mama and her babies -- though a few times, the only glimpse of the babies I got was the tall grass behind her moving! So lovely to watch -- and I miss our meadowlarks, as well, who have seemed to move on to greener pastures as well.


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