day full of heart

Gordon and I joked when we were out with the girls for dinner on Saturday that it was probably going to be our romantic Valentine's Day dinner. We were across the table from each other, his eyes were twinkling {like they do sometimes} and he blew a kiss my way. 

hugs & kisses art print

Don't admonish me and say that we should make time to have a Valentine's Day date together.  We do adore time spent alone, together, trust me. But, we also know that the eight years since Isabella was just a baby have flown by. And the six years since Victoria was a newborn. And the 17 years since Zach first met "Mr. Gordon" whom he now calls Dad. We'll have time to be alone, together, more and more as the years go by. We already have those "remember when they were just babies" talks and they're just in Elementary school.

While the girls had a day home from school for a Teacher's Prep Day yesterday, we worked on their Valentine's Day goody bags for their friends, teachers and support staff. It was sort of last minute because Mommy couldn't find the cards she had ordered online. Therefore, I designed and printed out banner tabs to add to some glassine bags.

Valentine Day Treat Bag Topper |

Inside the bags were Smarties, a balloon, a marker and that's all...plenty, though, I think.

My Sweetie, Gordon, will find this mini book on his side of the bed when he gets home from work tonight, 10 Things I Love About Him. And, of course, the Alphabet of Our Love continues to be read from time to time, which makes me smile.

Here's a banner that's been hanging on the picture ledge in our bedroom, not too sweet, just wRight.

Each of the girls is getting a bag full of love along with some other goodies in their heart-shaped basket. I'll be sending one to Zach as well...he'll pretend he doesn't want one, but he does.

Oma is getting this felt heart pin, of course. Make one using a tin just like this one!

Nana will be getting this notepad I created, since I forgot to give it to her on her birthday last week.

Wishing you a day full of heart.


  1. Hi Monika, hope you all have a lovely day! What sweet gifts you have made!

    1. Thanks, Sue! The girls had fun reading their notes in the bags full of love.

  2. Hi sweetie! Such a sweet post. We often say those things too. I just love all your projects here (: happy valentines day!

  3. i just love all of the vday treats!!!! tfs! :)

  4. TIme with our little ones is precious and time not given back!

    I love love all your wonderful goodness you have shared! Happy to be a new follower!

  5. It's soooo sweet of you guys to make adorable goodies for the teachers and support staff. I know that they really appreciated that. Hope you guys had a happy Valentine's Day!!!!


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