purple pretties

I've been crushing on the Instagram app and my iPhone camera lately, just for the pure ease and agility of it all. Yesterday, as the girls were outside and begging me to come outside as well, I grabbed the big, honkin' Canon 40D and went outside in the gloriously warm weather we've been having. I took nearly 100 photos in just a short bit. 100. As I was downloading the photos, I realized how much I do love my big camera. No matter how handy the iPhone is, it will never replace my beloved 40D.

There, I said it. I love my camera.


  1. Can I confess? While I have a nice camera on my phone (android, not i), I honestly can't stand using it except for random snapshots. I tried once to really take photos with it and it made me anxious. I, too, love my big camera! (I got the 60d last summer, but I had a 20d for for.ev.er before that!)

  2. p.s., your violet photos are lovely! Violets are one of my favorite flowers. Ours aren't anywhere close to coming up yet though, so seeing yours made me happy!

  3. Hello Monika!
    Glad I stumbled upon this post of yours. THe deep purple of these pansies really grabbed me, as well as the quality of your photo. And I'm glad you mentioned what kind of camera you use, because I am still in the 'research' phase of upgrading to a 'real' camera (only have a Nikon point and shoot right now; it's very limiting) and love to hear what kind of cameras others use.

    1. Don't be discouraged by your point-and-shoot, great shots are still do-able! What you will find so liberating in upgrading to a bigger camera is that fact that when you click the button, the photo is taken immediately with no lag time. I used to have to click the button before I told the kids to smile so that when they smiled and were still was when the shutter actually clicked. Does that make sense? Good luck in your search...I do love my Canon!


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