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I'm not one to make resolutions for the New Year. Normally. There are a few areas, though, that I have meant to make a change in the right direction and just haven't. Yet. And if I take the time to write it down, mightn't that help me to be more accountable and perhaps achieve my goals? I'm hoping YES!

I began playing around with some colors and ideas sizes and this is the design I came up with for this mini. After I printed and trimmed the journal, I decided to add this little cutie to the shop as well.

  • I definitely need to drink more water...Dr. Pepper and coffee's all day do not a healthy Monika make.
  • I've had my camera for two years and still don't know all the bells and whistles. This MUST change and my plan is to make a concerted effort to learn, not just take the easy "click."
  • Enjoy the precious time we have together and make it count, make it special and make it good! Who says it has to be just Date Night to make it all about us?
  • Too often I am distracted by other things when I am approached by my girls or my Sweetie and I just need to let whatever it is that I think is more important {but probably not} go and be in the moment with my precious family.

You can see that I'm not changing the world with my resolutions, but I am changing a few things about me. To each page, I added a strip of washi tape across the top. No washi tape, add a small strip of patterned paper instead to cute it up. Each of your 5 pages will have this twenty12 graphic in the lower right hand corner.

Here's a close up of the cover:

All packaged and ready to ship! If you need more than the 5 blank pages that come with the front cover and ribbon tied binder ring for your twenty12 resolutions, let me know how many and I'll set up a custom listing for you in a jiffy.


  1. i agree so much with all your words today!

  2. Oh how cute!
    I love the simplicity of this journal for your resolutions!
    My list contains some of the same ones you have. Especially learning my camera!!
    One of my resolutions is to buy myself something from your shop!
    Take Care!!! :) Happy 2012!

  3. LOOOOVE this little pocket journal for resolutions--I'm not much on making them...I try to make a goal instead (I find that resolutions are cutting things out or giving up things...I like to make a goal that is positive--does that make sense?). Anyway--I LOVE these!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    And now that I think about--I'm not sure what I will make as my overall goal...but I'm sure that I will have at least 10 small goals for next year including more publications:)

  4. First I want to wish you a wonderful New Year Monika! I usually do not make special resolutions but many of yours definitely make me think about things I could work on! Your mini is adorable!

  5. Your 2012 resolution book is darling - love the journal cards you created!

  6. I make mini books too and I really love this one of yours, especially how you put the graphic on every page instead of just the front.


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