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I think by now, after all we're 49 weeks into the 52Photos project, you know that Lisa and I have been taking our photos miles and miles apart, posting them to our blogs as well as to the Flickr group {along with the other 123 members of the group} and wondering all along how we're going to document our year's worth of photos. She's in Sweden and I'm in Tennessee, but that didn't stop us from forging ahead, sharing some wonderful e-mails and getting to know each other through our photos and the stories behind them.

I am grateful for you, dear Lisa, for the package that arrived last week. The "52" album full of our photos, side by side, means that I will end this year with a completed project, albeit by you. The thoughtfulness, the time, the care you put into this gift warms my heart and proves that virtual friends ARE real. It's as if you knew that I needed help and reached out your hand. Tack - that's thanks in Swedish in case you're wondering - Lisa for your friendship.

And this wasn't the first bit of goodness from Lisa, she also sent Isabella and Victoria each one of these and I have this in black - very chic, very unique and I'm so proud to wear it!


  1. I can't believe this year is almost over and that I've kept up with every week's prompt!
    Thank you for the fun - hoping this continues into 2012!!?!!!????

  2. What a wonderful gift! Both the album and the friendship! I think virtual friends are amazing! (You, especially!) Hope this continues for 2012 -- I want to start from the get go! LOL!

  3. Wonderful project and even more special when you have someone you can do it together with :)

    But btw.. isn't thanks in Swedish "tack" ? Just wondering ;)

    Love your blog!! It really helps me get creative and a few weeks ago I made an "Alphabet of our love" myself, for the anniversary with my mister :)


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