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Even though I have been a little scarce here, I have been busy, promise!
  • Made several more Gratitude Journals, since you lovely people had been asking for them and there's just one left! They're a bit different than what his pictured, but still just as cute a way to journal in 2012. The cost is $45.00 and it will ship tomorrow. If you're interested, contact me and I'll set up a listing for you to purchase.
  • The school my two younger children attend is having a fundraiser and it's such a cute idea. The Library has not received funding to purchase new materials for several years now. Other than Book Fair proceeds, they have nothing. So, from Tuesday through Thursday, the kids will get to "shop" for items in the 50 cent to $5 range...most of it handmade items from the parents, grandparents, administration and teachers at the school. The first two days they get to shop for family and friends and then on the third day, they can make purchases of something they would like for themselves, if they so wish. I made about 20 of these, along with a few other items.
  • I decided to make another round of Gratitude Journals and list them in the shop since so many people have been interested in having a mini book to Journal their 2012's been such a lovely experience to chat with people who have an interest in this little project book of mine. There are several of these for purchase, they would make lovely gifts, and they're ready to purchase AND ready to ship wait! Here's a peek at what the cover looks like, there are 12 monthly tabbed patterned paper pages as well as a variety of inside pages to include lined notebook paper, legal pads, guest checks, library cards, graph paper and hand stamped pages.

And here's a shot of my computer desk this morning, before I sat down to write this post. And it still looks like it now, I'm just working in the 2.2 square inches of open space while I type this. Don't even ask what my craft desk that backs up to this desk looks "studio" does not look so cute and pretty right now, but I have had fun making it look this way!


  1. Crushing on that album . . . are you still thinking of a how-to, or should I order? :)

  2. Your Gratitude Journal is adorable. Beautiful design. :)


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